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Raybestos Powertrain Adhesives are the leading brand of industrial friction bonding adhesives. Serving a broad range of industries, the manufacturing and R&D operations located in Crawfordsville, Indiana include a Technical Center dedicated to the development and testing of new materials and adhesives. Raybestos Powertrain Adhesives are available in 1 quart, 5 gallon and 50 gallon containers.

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Raybestos Powertrain Friction Bonding Adhesives

Manufacturing OEM-quality Raybestos Powertrain Friction Bonding Adhesives has been an integral part of the Raybestos Powertrain Company product portfolio for over 47 years. These adhesives are capable of withstanding very high temperatures with very high shear strength.

The range of applications for Raybestos Powertrain Friction Bonding Adhesives is virtually unlimited. Raybestos Powertrain thermosetting adhesives may be used for brake bands, brake shoes and pads, torque converter pressure plates, transmission bands, friction plates, electrical connectors, military, and many other applications.

For specific application assistance or to develop a product that fits your specific needs, please call 1-765-359-2835.